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About that, they change some rules that not only the top 1st wins, but the other two will get in the show like Truffles.  In the leaderboards the 2nd one is Tricksy which I find it decent, and then the other one. I just hope the other cooler OC can outwit stand her.
Also if you guys haven't seen the OC that my friend and I did please support her.
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Hi! This is my first time doing a group or club. By the way please read the rules.

:shh:Meaning of this club.
Because we fandom of HTF are sick and tired of Flippy-Sues ruining the TRUE character of HTF. Flippy-Sues are known to be fail trolls and likely their OC are not TRUE HTF characters.

What Flippy-Sues are
:bulletred:1. Flippy's girlfriend wannabe.
:bulletblue:2. Their OCs look like a bimbo instead of HTF character
:bulletgreen:3. Failed at trolling, but are annoying as hell.
:bulletblack:5. Flippy-Sues OC never dies like other HTF character. That's why they're not HTF characters.  
:bulletyellow:6. Hate and despise other female canon HTF characters. Example: Petunia, Lammy, Giggles, and Flaky. (I prefer Flaky is a female)


:bulletyellow:1. Be nice to everyone.
:bulletpurple:2. Any art accepted.
.:bulletblue:3. OC are allowed, BUT it should not have Flippy-Sues traits. Example: Have boobs/breast, and look like a furry slut.
:bulletpink:4. OC have to look like an HTF character. Like Cuddles and Giggles. My OC for example Toughy the Wolf by Shivery-Ao
OC are not allowed anymore...
:bulletgreen:5. Put them in the right folder please.
:bulletblack:6. Blood and gore are accepted!  
:bulletorange:7. If you post any Flippy-Sues fan art, it will be denied you'll be officially kick out!:skull:
:bulletred:8. Recolors and tracing are NOT ALLOWED because that is considered stealing or copying!
:bulletpurple:9. No base used too. Have to be drawn in a blank sheet/screen!  
:bulletpink:10. I mostly want to see Anti-Flippy-Sues fan art but sometime on OCs.
:bulletblack:11. I'm very picky on Canon x OCs because it depends on their relationship then being love together with no reasons. If you are planning to post Canon x OCs I need a full description of how they got together than just saying "Flippy like my OC becfause she's sexy!" That's a Flippy-Sue OC.
Edit: I will no longer do any pairings for this club. :P
:bulletorange:12. Any quality are accepted either good or bad. As long it's from your imagination or creativity.
:bulletgreen:13. If you don't take this Groups seriously and rather trolling on this group then you'll be kick out!
:bulletblack:15. I do not accept anime OC unless it's an anime Flippy-Sue getting murdered. Thank you!
:bulletpink:16. If you're posting any Flippy-Sue to role play as the trolls then please put a huge red x or anything that'll cross on so it's against Flippy-Sues. Unless they look crack up or ugly. :XD:
:bulletgreen:17. I need Flippy-Sues or OC related in this group. I do not accept HTF characters if they do not involve any Anti-Flippy-Sue fanart.
:bulletred:18. I accept Flippy fanart! :)

You may ask more questions. I'll be happily to answer them.

:shh:Meaning to put HTF OCs in this group: Because we need to show that HTF OCs aren't mostly Flippy-Sues and some OCs I see are pure awesome.

NOTE: To those who THINKS this is an anti boobs club. I'm not attacking any furry who have breast. I do not accept boobs because HTF female characters design without them. I wrote this because an idiot think that I hate boobs or furry pr0n. :P




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I hate flippy sues but I don't know how to put art in w group🙍
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Flippy Sues are fucked up!OMG! 
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